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Day Instagram Planner That
Will Save You Time

Includes 30 Instagram Story and 30 Instagram post ideas alongside the Attention Authority Framework!

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Attract Leads with my “above the fold” hook outlines.

Make Sales using power phrases that make people eager to work with you.

Gain Followers with my SEO trick that multiplies your reach.

A well-designed, documented content strategy guides the marketing strategy of a company to achieve or exceed its marketing goals and enhancing productivity. It’s helpful to be able to visualise your content otherwise there won’t be a real framework to the content you post.

All business owners should plan ahead to develop content plans. While this is clearly valued from an operational perspective, many do not see the importance of it when it comes to strategy.

Mostly because the content is time-sensitive, this does not mean that it must be updated on an ad hoc basis. If your business is already forecasting ahead, why not just you build up your content?

The benefits that you can expect from using the Planner:

Saves time

Improves Consistency

Increase your target audience!

Keeps you organized and on track

Provides better visibility

Helps plan your social media marketing!

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Ever tried to creating your content calendar
throughout the whole month?


With such a crazy busy day-to-day schedule, it’s very easy to slip some important events in your mind. Your content calendar, which is scheduled at least a month in advance, will notify you about this in time to prepare blog posts, social media engagements, and promotional posts in order stay ahead of the curve.

Thankfully, this method reduces stress and allows you to take your time and make the best blog post possible for the occasion instead of stirring up something at the last minute.

Do you find yourself uncertain and…

Asking yourself “what will be my feed’s theme?”

Seeking to grow your engagement in Instagram

Not sure how to get started with content planning

Wanting to be consistent with your branding

If so, this guide is just for you!

Who am I?

I’m a Social Media Marketer, a passionate trainer and coach for growing businesses and organisations in and outside of Australia.

I’ve started and scaled two digital marketing agencies including one of my own, Thrive and Shine™️Co. I have a drive for lead generation and writing copy that connects and goes deep with people.

I’m an advocate for anti-human trafficking and my businesses started because of my passion to contribute to a better world. In a nutshell I’m here to help you be see and thrive and shine online!


Generate more leads
through Social Media

Would you like to find out about how Social Media and Facebook Marketing can help you scale your business?

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