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The Simple 12 Step Guide to Kickstart Your
Facebook Marketing Funnel

Facebook Marketing

The results you can expect from going
through the Marketing guide:

  • Learn how to cut through the noise
  • Create your marketing plan that stands out!
  • Get leads and build your e-mail list!
  • Stop using ‘Boost Post’ on Facebook
  • Market with a Low budget using Facebook Campaign ads
  • Stand out and scale your social media following!
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Download this Guide to Start Generating
High Quality Leads through Facebook...

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Ever tried using the "boost post"
function on Facebook?

Before you put any money into paid advertising read this!

WHY FB ads?

Aside from increasing a few likes and comments, FB ads are an effective way to build your e-mail list and to generate leads. You have several ways to make the most of FB marketing. Even with a budget as low as $5 a day can get you somewhere around 20 high quality leads per week!

I created this online marketing guide for new business owners who haven’t yet started marketing online or are marketing but not getting the clients or the leads that they want, wasting money boosting posts on Facebook.

As a business coach, I help female entrepreneurs launch their new businesses and go from being a “start up” to a profiting business through these marketing principles. I work with female entrepreneurs all over Australia who are passionate about their biz and making a difference through what they do.

My clients range from ones who are just starting out in business with no idea where to begin or how to get their marketing started to businesses who are already rocking out on Facebook and need a proven strategy to gain more visibility online and increase profit.

Do you find yourself unsure and...

  • Asking yourself “how can I grow my business and market online?”
  • Wanting to expand your business without having to constantly go to networking events
  • Not sure how to get more clients/customers/leads
  • Wondering how to grow your business but unclear about the best way to go about it?
  • Wanting to cut through the noise of the Facebook Marketing space?

If so, this guide is just for you!

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