2 Day Masterclass

Monetise and Grow Your Instagram

(For people who are serious about generating profit and clients using Instagram)

There are accounts that exist and then there are the ones that thrive. Let me show you exactly how to start increasing your Instagram engagement and turning followers into clients!

At this two day Masterclass, I'll show you how to:



Spend literally five minutes each day crafting your posts, or better yet batch them up all together! I'll show you how to write copy that's highly engaging using a formula that simple! You'll see how to get your cold audience to respond to your posts.

Online Coaching


It's not about how many likes or followers you have, but how well you know the Instagram algorithm. From how to find the best hashtags to how many to use and where to place them, I'll show you how you can skyrocket your Instagram account and grow your followers.



My creative team and I have spent hundreds of hours creating the most current Instagram stories. We LOVE creatives and know that it's all about the visuals. I am excited to share with you my favourite tools so you can do the same!

Monthly Accountability


Business is all about building relationships. This is crucial in order for you to generates leads. I'll show you how to use Instagram to generate leads and to get people to click on your link in bio to drive traffic to your site.

Join Us for the 2-day Masterclass

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11th of August
11:00am - 1:00pm


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About Your Presenter

Phoebe Lay is an experienced social media Marketer, Speaker, Trainer and Coach for growing businesses.

As the founder of Thrive and Shine™️Co. and Matcha Sisters, Phoebe's agency helps business owners start and scale their entrepreneurial journey with social media marketing. Phoebe combines her strategic business experience with her expertise in digital marketing to help entrepreneurs win big and have the confidence and strategy to succeed.

If you are not doing enough online marketing and you need a bulletproof social media strategy, Phoebe Lay can help business owners to Thrive and Shine online.

Phoebe Lay

What my clients have to say...

Phoebe Lay has been a massive asset to my business. Before working with Phoebe I had no idea about social media and found LinkedIn and Facebook to be a waste of time. Phoebe not only showed me the ropes and gave me the 101 to the best performing platforms tailored to me, but she also gave me the right strategy and is an expert when it comes to content, copywriting and building funnels. My landing page, email marketing etc are all thanks to Phoebe. I would recommend her to all the players who are serious about growing their businesses and using social media to increase ROI.

- Con Nichols

Phoebe was a guest speaker at our Coach & Connect event last month and was an absolute incredible presenter. She had not only the wealth of knowledge of social media behind her but her ability to communicate in an exciting and informative way kept our audience of coaches and business professionals glued from the very start. She was very generous in her time, knowledge and resources and I cannot recommend her enough.

- Lorraine Makasini

Phoebe is very efficient and full of great marketing ideas. She thinks outside of the box and keeps you updated with the current changes in the fast-paced technological world. I’ve also attended various workshops and webinars run by Phoebe. She always gives many practical tips on your business strategy and how to best connect with your clients. She is a true expert in the online world and is also an amazing accountability buddy. She checks on your progress and motivates you to keep creating authentic content and be in line with your branding. It's very easy to work with her. She listens to you without judgment and helps with brainstorming. I’d recommend Phoebe to any entrepreneur or small business who needs extra help with their branding strategy and social media management. Phoebe has different collaborators and will create a perfect team to meet your needs.

- Ksenia Belova

Working with Phoebe brought me clarity and a simple framework/sequencing of emails to develop a genuine value-driven relationship with my future clients; We also dived further into the subtleties of the communication through storytelling and a simple way to transpose it as a powerful copy; Her collaborative and open-minded ways also reveals an open-hearted marketer like we need to encounter more often!

- Audrey Muliva

I was impressed by Phoebe’s ability to navigate me through my Social Media Profiles and in a short time she gave me the insights and tactics on how to improve the same. That skill often takes years to develop among many online marketing professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to her. Strongly recommend!

- Edvard Vondra

Phoebe is absolutely awesome! With Phoebe, I always think leadership, design, thriving and shining! She has a passion for growing independent business owners and thrives on taking them to the next level. She has a heart of gold and is always there to encourage you. She has built her company to a standard of excellence and is a woman of her word. She's a winner and has exceptional talent when it comes to branding on all platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram). If you're in need of woman of faith to grow your business organically, Phoebe is the one. She can do fabulous things with your business. I'm an example of this! Love your work Phoebe and it's a pleasure being a client of yours!

- Scott Fasuyi

Phoebe has a wonderful knowledge of social media from creating landing pages, to copywriting to Facebook ads to name a few. She provides her clients with so much value in a warm and engaging manner. I highly recommend her for increasing your visibility.

- Suzanne Duncan

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