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The results you can expect from going through the Marketing guide:

  • Learn how to cut through the noise
  • understand facebook’s algorithm!
  • how to get more organic reach on your facebook page
  • build your online presence
  • how to generate more likes, shares & engagement on posts
  • Stand out and scale your social media following!

Download this guide to start generating high quality leads through Facebook...

Ever tried using the "boost post" function on Facebook?

Before you put any money into paid advertising READ this!


Aside from increasing a few likes and comments, FB ads are an effective way to build your e-mail list and to generate leads. You have several ways to make the most of FB marketing. Even with a budget as low as $5 a day can get you somewhere around 20 high quality leads per week!

I created this online marketing guide for new business owners who haven’t yet started marketing online or are marketing but not getting the clients or the leads that they want, wasting money boosting posts on Facebook. 

As a business coach, I help female entrepreneurs launch their new businesses and go from being a “start up” to a profiting business through these marketing principles. I work with female entrepreneurs all over Australia who are passionate about their biz and making a difference through what they do.

My clients range from ones who are just starting out in business with no idea where to begin or how to get their marketing started to businesses who are already rocking out on Facebook and need a proven strategy to gain more visibility online and increase profit.

Do you find yourself unsure and...

  • Asking yourself “how can I grow my business and market online?”
  • Wanting to expand your business without having to constantly go to networking events
  • Not sure how to get more clients/customers/leads
  • Wondering how to grow your business but unclear about the best way to go about it?
  • Wanting to cut through the noise of the Facebook Marketing space?

If so, this guide is just for you!


  • Karen McTackett
    I connected with Phoebe to help my own clients in an area I am not very knowledgeable in. Boy, was that a great move! I was so impressed and intrigued by her passion and wisdom around not only marketing but also the human condition, strategies, behaviours, etc, that I had to continue to work with her and instantly signed up to her program. She has pushed me to step outside of that safe comfort zone and take risks in both my business and relationships. I went there for the marketing, and what I am getting, is so much more. Thank you for your compassion, your dedication, your stretching, and your absolute desire to pull my inner best out.
    Karen McTackett
    Author, Founder of I-AM Academy
  • Suzanne Duncan
    I signed up with Phoebe as I wanted to get my startup coaching business off the ground and learn the tools and strategies to promote my business and my books. Phoebe has a wealth of knowledge on how to do this. With her beautiful nature and encouraging style she held me accountable and gave me the necessary knowledge to gain business momentum and get out there. Thank you Phoebe.
    Suzanne Duncan
    Author, Founder of Discovery Within
  • Sarah Usher
    I had a business idea but no idea where to start and was feeling very overwhelmed by the process. Thankfully I stumbled across Phoebe just at the right time ... her business mastermind program was exactly what I needed! I'm finding her knowledge & guidance invaluable, and I'm making progress so much faster than if I was going it alone. Whether it's a specific, detailed strategy or just bouncing ideas, she always has great advice. Thanks Phoebe x
    Sarah Usher
    CEO and Founder of The Glowing Mumma

About Phoebe Lay

Phoebe Lay is a business coach and mentor. As the CEO & Founder of Thrive and Shine Coaching, Phoebe helps entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. Phoebe combines her expertise in human behaviour with her branding and marketing experience to give entrepreneurs a system and strategy to increase their profit.
Phoebe Lay has been involved in multiple start-ups including Matcha Sisters, a social enterprise that donates 50% of profits to human trafficking. As the CEO & founder of a soul-driven business "when we rise up to our heart-centred and purpose driven calling that's when we thrive."

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